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The Future

I recently watched a video of some kids from the sixties somewhat accurately predicting the future. While about half of the children’s ideas were way off coming from the fears of the cold war, some children eerily foreshadowed what was to come. You can watch it here:

One boy talked about automation/computers and how jobs would begin to revolve around it. A girl talked about overpopulation and how people would be crammed into cities. Another boy talks about how livestock would be kept in buildings unable to graze. All of these predictions came true. If children could accurately predict the future back then, try to imagine what would be in store for us in fifty years!

A few children talked nuclear bombs and wars. These were very real threats during the cold war era and still are to an extent. However, try to imagine the technological and social changes that will happen. I predict we will have stations on the Moon and Mars in the next few years. I truly believe the last great achievements of man will be in the stars. These achievements will most likely be made by private companies.

Governments of the world have grown far too big and will continue to grow. They will try to make themselves the center of one’s world. Selfless acts such as putting humanity into space would be overshadowed by who is elected. They will continue to make new and elaborate laws to remind people the government has all the power. Granted, this is just a personal prediction. I am a fan of George Orwell after all.

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