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Review from a Consultant

Although AnyTownElectric was the first customer, I was privileged to consult from beginning to go-live, I’ve provided support and been on site for at least 50+ go-lives in my career. I’m impressed with the level of professionalism and can-do attitude AnyTownElectric displayed!

Beginning with Simeon in the warehouse. I spend many hours bringing customers live on WMS/RF. The usual mode of operation is spending my week in an ice cold or very hot warehouse with a team of unhappy, discontented employees who despise change. Not the case in Hackensack. Everyone was so happy all the time and not once, did I hear a complaint! Simeon is a strong leader and having Eclipse experience is an asset.

Same can be said for Paula, leading the inside team. Paula dug her heals and started her journey into understanding the dynamics and logic incorporated with the software rather than debating and trying to change how the program works. It was a pleasure training her. She still needs more day-to-day experience understanding that Eclipse is date driven, Eclipse is status driven. These are the first words out of my mouth during training and I’ve never seen a new user understand it completely at go-live. It takes time however she is well on her way.

I don’t have the time or the room in my activity summary to say enough Lincoln!

His humility doesn’t need it anyhow. Guys like Lincoln are extremely valuable, especially in the Eclipse space. His dedication to learning the back end of Eclipse will pay huge dividends for ULE when the need to contract or not contract support for advanced and future learning. I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. He loaned me a new word for my vocabulary, “Wonky.”

Sam and Gusto are growing and learning more every day. Usually, customers are on the systems for about a year before I finally get the call to repeat purchase training. I’m happy to see them using their suggest PO queue at go-live. You would be surprised how many distributors walk the warehouse with a clip board and enter straight POS to keep inventory re-plenished. If Sam and Gusto get too frustrated, schedule some time and I’ll repeat the purchase training. It’s fun to see the light come on when I repeat the class months after go-live. The puzzle pieces finally fall into place.

Mary-Ann, please take credit for the leadership I have witnessed since May of 2022. Behind every sound organization, there is always a key executive who directs the culture and profitability of an organization. As leaders, we can create opportunities with honey and correct mistakes with understanding and compassion. Very easy for me to see things with an unbiased pair of glasses and determine why culture is what it is. Keep up the good work and all my best with AnyTownElectric ’s future as an Eclipse distributor!

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