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Advertisements seem to have gotten out of hand in the past few years. Product after product has been shoved down my throat anytime I’m reading, watching, or listening to anything on the Internet. I understand creators need advertisements to stay afloat yet there are so many!

On one article I read, I counted TEN advertisements on the page! This is what has become the problem. Websites always want to make more money even if it compromises the integrity of its content. Clickbait is the most common term for these websites for it promises an “interesting” article at the cost of hundreds of ads. Facebook seems to be the main distributor of clickbait articles next to Snapchat and Instagram.

Even more reputable sites have begun to do it. YouTube for instance has recently changed the at least one ad per video into two. It just causes me to resent any product being marketed in the ad shown. The work around for this of course is the subscription services. Sites offer these Zero ad memberships at the average cost of $10 per month. Most people can’t or won’t pay for that, so they just live with the ads. It is a win-win for the websites, but you can never win this way. I would just recommend getting an ad blocker extension for your browser to work around them.

Ads are really annoying. They just ruin whatever I'm doing online whenever they interrupt me. An Ad blocker is a huge help in this sense. Websites just need to calm down in general when it comes to advertisements. More money comes at the cost of people seeing your website without integrity.

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