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Animals in the Workplace

I always liked the concept of having pets in someone’s place of business. Not only does it add a touch of homeliness, it can create a less stressful atmosphere for the customers and the employees alike. Many local businesses these days seem to be adding to the trend of having animals at the workplace.

I love animals. I have grown up with dogs and cats all my life and can personally say that they genuinely care about what you are doing. This is customer service 101! They make you smile, all your stress disappears, and they create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Animals have a way of grabbing your attention. For example, when I see a cat in the window of a business, regardless of what they sell, I immediately want to go inside. Window cats are truly the future of advertising.

A recent fad that came to the United States from Japan is the Cat Cafe. The concept is a cafe filled with cats. People can come and just hangout with cats. It’s a pretty straightforward idea that has gained a lot of attention. There is even one in St. Louis where I live. The Mauhaus Cat Cafe. I recently went to Bangkok, Thailand where they went a step further. A overall Animal Cafe. There, they had cats, dogs, foxes, hedgehogs, and even raccoons! There is a feeling of care in these places.

I feel that if a business can take care of the needs of a pet, they are more than equipped to take care of the needs of customers. These animals are not only pets. They are employees. They attract, converse, and bond with the customers. If you want to see true customer service, simply go to a business that employs pets.

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