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Business that gives back

Businesses are a great way of making money. Often companies will find a way to give some of this money to people and organizations that need them. Not through government taxes, but through charity. Companies are formed out of the communities and people that built them. It is only natural they give back them.

Many companies introduce scholarships into their budget. It is a great way for publicity and to show that the people who run it truly care. Many people go to college who could otherwise not from this small act of kindness from a company. Hundreds of businesses throughout the country have these scholarships. This is not the only form of charity businesses do however.

Companies will volunteer in other charities. Employees and even CEOs will work at food banks and soup kitchens to give back. Other companies donate directly to charity groups. Popular examples are Habitat for Humanity and UNICEF. Companies see this as a small way to give back to the people that made their business so successful.

Charitable organisations live off of volunteers and and donations. Companies make up a large chunk of these. A lot of people see companies as a cold corporate entity that only care about revenue. Sure companies need revenue, but the smartest companies realise that revenue comes from the people that surround them. What better way to show gratitude than to support the less-fortunate.

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