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Christmas News Letter

I usually talk in terms of “we” when discussing adventures and endeavors with ALTru Solution. I say “we” because my family is involved and certainly has a vested interest in my success. Our older son is instrumental in developing our website and logo. He is a senior in college and plans to join the music business after graduation this Spring. During my visits to Nashville, the music business is my inspiration. I have no talent for music but learned that most of these guys are single entity LLC’s and hustle income from various sources. He and I have collaborated on many phases of marketing and have contracted several web sites with various businesses since we opened in August of 2018.

Our younger son is a freshman at the same university. He has inspired and encouraged me to travel and explore “my nomadic soul.” He is a brilliant writer and one of those guys who averages reading a book per week. He is behind the scenes editing and sometimes writing my weekly blog. I rely heavily on him to accomplish my goal of one blog per week. Blogs are important to SEO and how Google bots search and rank web sites. Content must be fresh and current.

My wife is behind me every step of the way. While the boys and I cuss and discuss business, life, politics, and the next “new thing”, she quietly goes about 16-hour days being of service to us. An 8-hour work day followed by the best meals a family can ask is her order of the day. Let’s not forget all of the gross and necessary parts of living with three men, 4 cats and 1 dog named Sherman. I am very blessed.

Speaking of Sherman, lets talk about Cooking with Kelbob. This was a project I experimented with while serving as Director of Marketing for my previous company. I suggested demonstrating various products in quick and fun videos like Tim the Tool-man from the old Tim Allen show. The company passed on the idea, so I started experimenting with my personal Facebook account. By day, the company’s social media had little views, very few engagements, and this business segment was progressing slowly. By night, I was demonstrating some grill products and being corny all the while having fun. I was getting twice the views and likes all the while running into people in town who were commenting how much they enjoyed the production. Our German Shepperd Sherman was always around since food is involved. He became a natural in the videos and is now my trusted business partner. The episodes have nothing to do with our core business but have enabled me to learn about social media and how it can draw traffic to a business. I now teach others how this approach leads to real revenue. I could use a few more followers on YouTube if anyone want to throw me a bone.

Business is progressing and I have really enjoyed contracting with Zerion is a consultation agency for an ERP software owned by named Eclipse. The software is exclusive to the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and p

ipe valve fittings distributors. It’s expensive and complex. I absolutely love traveling the US and consulting with best practices for the software and distribution in general. Since joining the team, I have visited, Birmingham, Dallas, San Francisco, Baltimore, Boston, and Charlotte. This keeps me busy a few weeks per month. I find I really enjoy teaching. Speaking of teaching, yesterday I applied with our local school district to become a substitute during time off from ALTru Solution. This fits my mission of helping others and allowing God to take care of providing what our family needs. I’m excited to give this a try.

2018 has been a life changing year for me personally and professionally. I’m less concerned about some unachievable retirement goal and more concerned about helping others. I find that my very life depends on the constant thought of others and how I can meet their needs. When I do this, things just have a way of working out. I’m thankful that God is allowing us to prepare for Christ during Advent and can’t wait to celebrate his birth next week on Christmas morning. This is just way too cool!


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