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Christopher Langan

On a ranch in Northern Missouri lies one of the smartest people of the current decade. Chris Langton (b. March 25. 1952) has a reported IQ of 200, forty more than Stephen Hawking’s IQ of 160. Chris did not come from a prestigious background like Steven Hawking however. Chris, along with his four siblings were forced to live on a Native American reservation in Montana with their mother.

In his youth, Chris was often bullied by his peers and beaten by his abusive stepdad. He was often picked on by his teachers for not paying attention but only because he often bored in class. Because of this, Chris often spent time in the school library.

Chris had gotten a perfect score on his SAT and often studied alone outside of class during high school in order to further his studies. He dropped out of college because he thought he could have taught the professors.

Instead of being a doctor, or professor, or working for some think tank, Chris decided to work various odd jobs for a living. He was a rancher, a cowboy, a forest service ranger, and even bouncer on Long Island where he worked for twenty years. He proved that you should never judge a man’s intelligence by what what job he works. Chris retired to Independence, Missouri where he currently owns a horse ranch.

Read an interview with Chris Langan here:

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