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I recently watched a video about a girl who played the violin and had Synesthesia. Synesthesia is a human anomaly in which people are able to see different colors coinciding with other senses such as hearing, smelling. As she played her violin, the colors changed as she hit different notes. This is what she sees all the time. How cool is that?!

I was thinking to myself about how awesome that would be to watch colors as I listen to music all the time. Then I realized how amazing it is in general to see color. Something unexplainable without first seeing them for yourself. Try describing color to a blind person.

When you picture being blind, all you see is black. This is most likely because it’s what you see when you are staring at your eyelids. Blind people say after having their vision restored, they don’t even see black. It’s just nothing. Try to comprehend that.

Or for another matter, try to create a new color. It’s impossible! You would have to change The Light Spectrum. (If you don’t recall The Light Spectrum lecture from high school, it’s the Pink Floyd, Dark Side of The Moon album cover.) All the colors already exist. But we cannot see all of them. Our eyes act as lenses and we perceive light the way it reflects off of different surfaces creating colors.

The science around it gets really confusing, but long story short, we can see color. It is a gift not to be taken for granted. Now stop reading this black and white text, and go stare at some colors!

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