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I am fascinated with Instagram @curlyloxbox and #queenswhoconquer I met these entrepreneurs of fashion, health, fitness, and beauty because of my relationship with Sumer from I found Sumer and her business because I was tired of a life time of straightening and fighting my God given hair. I just wanted products that would feature my beautiful, healthy, naturally curly, hair.

Instagram #queenswhoconquer

Buy this? Hope not. Big fat lie. Sumer is part of our family and I’m bald as a bowling ball. Read how we met in 2004.

Collaborating @Juno Dog Beach

She and our brother visited our little slice of heaven in Fruitland, during her first visit to Missouri. We were hooked from the get-go. You can only imagine how excited we were when they announced their marriage. In August of 2004, off we went to Shubra one of the largest districts of Cairo, Egypt. Ten days of the most incredible hospitality we have ever experienced. Sumer, her friends, and her family, live, work, and play in a culture of hospitality and service to others. Our visit and their wedding were truly UX (user experience) filled with the sunshine of God’s spirit.

"Marriage&Motherhood is a Sacrament bound through God"

Fast forward through fifteen years of children, holidays, vacation visits, and constant contact, to Christmas of 2017. Her family had moved to South Florida and she was balancing career goals with her mission as a mother and wife. Struggling with a w2 employer, we discussed strategy. My w2 employer strategy advice failed and Sumer was left with a blank sheet of paper and the age-old question, “what now?”

Like so many great business models, was a Phoenix rising from the ashes of contemplation and dedication to a personal healthy life style coupled with dedication to marriage and motherhood. This business is curated for women blessed with curly hair. The model is simple. Subscribe for $24.99 per month and receive $75-$95 of curly hair and beauty products in a beautifully arranged and fashionable gift box. Each month! Don’t like it or your budget is stretched? Cancel anytime with ZERO cancellation fees.

$24.99 per month No cancellation fees

Applying her culture of service and hospitality from the beauty of Shubra, Sumer brings this to Subscribers are thrilled monthly with her personal notes and sharing of the numerous un-boxing events. As a long-term student of business, marketing, and optimized sales strategy, I’m always quoting this famous mission statement. “All things being equal, friends buy from friends. All things not being equal, friends find a way to buy from friends” Curlyloxbox takes this to a new level of greatness.

Culture of Service&Hospitality w every subscription

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