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Education System Broken?

I recently heard and interesting take about the framework of our education system. Gary Vaynerchuk said this during recent interview, “The frame work of our education system is broken. We are forcing students to memorize information that is at their fingertips.” I have been thinking a lot about this statement.

Vaynerchuk has totally exploded in the business world. No stranger to business himself, Gary V built his family business from $4m to $40m. Today he is about as successful as they come. An angel investment entrepreneur in many large social media platforms has vaulted his content creation business into a new stratosphere. I’m simply hooked on his simple straightforward no BS talks.

Here I sit, a part time substitute school teacher in my home town’s public school system. I can’t brag I’m on the front line of education. I can’t brag that I’m an innovative educator. No, I’m an entrepreneur who loves to work and be of service to others. When not helping others start, run, grow, market, and mange their businesses, I teach. It’s definitely not for the money. Who knows, maybe I’ll help a kid or be in a place to do God’s work.

As a substitute, I administer student assignments that are completed using Chrome books. A Chrome book is an inexpensive laptop that students use to complete assignments.

Regarding Gary V’s statement about education being broke the jury is still out. I can’t tell if the assignment is to memorize the fact or learning to use the chrome book. Other than being blocked from anything inappropriate, the students are learning about how to find information that is already at their fingertips.

From where I sit, the education system isn’t completely broken. Man’s capacity to learn hasn’t changed much in 2000 years. What has changed is stereo types and fears have been disproved and swept away. My grandparents when in the 6th grade probably didn’t think much about American’s walking on the moon. My parents when in 6th grade probably didn’t think much about google chrome books in the class room. I didn’t think much in the 6th grade about fellow students bringing guns to school and committing mass murder. Didn’t think, yet we all completed assignments that forced us to think. No, I don’t believe it’s broken, it’s only evolving like it has since the first class room in a cave. Kelbob out...

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