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Jack Dempsey

A major key to operating a successful business is having a clean track record. A misfiled tax-form, cheating customers, and laundering money are all good examples. People would label these actions “scandalous”. Since going into detail about scandalous business practices might put stupid ideals in your head, we will talk about a particular example in sports.

If you all remember the biggest fight of 2017 (Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather) you would know it was unique. This was a rare occasion as an MMA fighter stepped into the rings with a UFC kick-boxer. Conor got creamed for obvious reasons. Some might call this fight “rigged” or “fake”. It’s a normal train of thought for one to have after their selected champion has been defeated, but accusations like these usually don’t hold up. One of the greatest boxing matches of history however is covered in scandal and accusations with evidence to back it.

There are long standing allegations that the great heavyweight boxer, Jack Dempsey, had gloves that were “loaded” or weighted with plaster of paris to win the title of HeavyWeight. Plaster of Paris is essentially cement. The famed Jack vs Jess Willard fight left Willard’s face broken and knocked out in the first round . Jack Dempsey denied the allegations, and it is even possible that he was not aware of his fixed gloves. It was reported that Dempsey’s manager, Jack Kearns had loaded the gloves to rig a betting ring. Kearns had said this himself in an interview. If Jack Dempsey’s gloves were in fact not loaded, he would truly be one of the greatest boxers in history and possibly superhuman.

The Fight:

If you watched the fight, you would notice that Jess Willard is bigger than Dempsey (like way bigger). He had also had a greater reach. The odds were greatly in his favor but Dempsey still won in the first round. This is the match for the heavyweight title. Everyone loves an underdog story but sometimes stuff doesn't add up all the way. The topic is still hotly debated but many assume the gloves were loaded. Like the OJ case, it didn't “technically” happen but it did and everyone knew it..

I do not know what is true. I do know however that Dempsey is one of my favorite athletes of all time. He came from a time when boxing was raw and bloody. He fought his way to the top bare knuckle boxing in saloons and underground rings. He came from nothing, hoboing from match to match. Regardless of this, he rose to greatness earning him the title of Heavyweight Champion.

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