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Logos make up the world. They are what you see on the billboards, the products, and sometimes even the skin of die-hard consumers. They have a profound effect on us, like an ancient hieroglyphic. A single simple image can paint the entire image of a company, band, or group into the mind of an individual.

The word “logos” is a Greek word meaning “word, reason, or plan”. Logos should be the simplest form of a “plan” for your organization. For example, Amazon’s logo is Amazon with an arrow going from the A to the Z. This describes the company having everything from A to Z. A “simple schematic” if you will, that everyone will understand. “A picture can paint a thousand words.” describes a logo’s purpose. A logo should be simple like a shape and something easy to remember like an object or animal.

What is your purpose? If you know this you can create a logo. It’s all in between the lines. It may sometimes seem very difficult to find a logo that suits you but when you find it, you’ll realize it was there the entire time. A logo is almost irony in a sense. Something so simple being able to describe something so complex.

Without logos, companies would not be as glamorous as they are. People would not have branding on their products, no distinctions other than words. Logos help to appeal to the humanity of people. Like symbols, they invoke some sort of feeling in us all. Without them, companies would just be seen as cold and corporate. No one wants to buy from that, and no one wants to work for that. Burn an image into people’s minds by adopting a logo!

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