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Mainstream TV is Dying

These past few years have been the twilight years for Television. In the age of streaming services, channel providers are becoming more and more obsolete. They are expensive and complex. Not to mention all the commercials.

The first blow to the Television industry was Netflix. Though it had been around since the late 90s, it really went big with the advent of streaming services in the 2010’s. $10 a month with hundreds of movies and TV shows with no ads is a no brainier compared to at least $70 a month with a cable package. Though this wasn’t the only streaming service.

Hulu was great in the early 2010’s as you could just get on and watch the newest episode of your show for free, although it had ads. They eventually wised up and started a subscription service like the rest of the streaming services. Nevertheless, you can always watch the latest episodes of certain shows regardless of if you have a Television provider or not.

Television Channels have started to wise up to this mass exodus of viewers as well. HBO started its own streaming platform as well as CBS. Even companies without previous ties to Television have started streaming services in the recent past such as Amazon and its Prime Video.

Personally, I haven’t used traditional Television channels in two years. Any friend I know that moved out of his or her parents’ house doesn't want to or can’t afford the monstrous cable bill and instead just uses average 1 to 3 streaming services. If Mainstream Television doesn’t change soon, it will fall way behind.

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