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Ocean Trash

The Ocean is a beautiful thing and it needs to be protected. However, protection for an entity that spans all across the globe is very hard to do. This has gotten people into a panic in recent years especially as a trash island the size of Texas has popped up in the Pacific Ocean. People advocate and try to make laws but it falls on deaf ears halfway around the world.

Many Western countries have laws about dumping trash into the ocean and it’s citizens are educated about the damage trash can cause to the ocean ecosystem. Most trash that accumulates in the Ocean comes from Asia. Countries such as China, India, and Thailand. These countries have few rules on ocean dumping and it’s citizens are less educated about the repercussions it can have on the ocean. Fisherman from these countries have spoken out the most as they have seen first hand of how trash harms the Ocean creatures. From decreased populations of fish to deformed turtles from a piece of plastic cinching their shell.

Trillions of pieces of trash have entered the Ocean over the years. Trash pollution washes up on any beach in the world no matter how devoid of human life. It is an epidemic that affects us all. Not just humans either, but sea creatures and animals on land as well who hunt fish. It is sad to see a dead whale washed up on the beach but it is even sadder to see it’s stomach filled with plastic.

Many of the largest ocean creatures have been dying rapidly. Not just from fishing, but from consuming trash debris. These creatures mistake it for food and consume it. Whales are now the ocean’s garbage trucks. Trash cleanup and prevention in the ocean should be prioritized. Just because you can’t see it anymore, doesn’t mean it's gone.

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Mara H
Mara H
Jul 30, 2022

Nice blog ppost

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