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Recently I got back into reading. Perhaps it has to do with the longer days of Summer. Honestly, I’m not too sure on the reason other than my mind telling me I needed to. Regardless, I started reading again. One thing I’ve noticed since picking up literature again is that I focus more on my own actions and I think in greater detail.

Everything started to slow down, but in a good way. I can once again think clearly and critically on simple things such as cleaning the stove. Why am I cleaning the stove? Well it was dirty. Why didn't I wait and just do it later? There was no reason not to do it now. I can see myself clearly doing something just like in a book and realizing it won’t be so terrible to preform.

One doesn’t think in words. That would be so boring. Writers use great detail to paint a picture in words so you don’t have to. People create their own pictures in books written by others. So essentially, you are thinking for yourself every time you read.

Tasks as simple as cleaning a stove make a page in your own life’s book. Why you did it? How you did it? What did it look like before and after? These questions are what you think to yourself in the moments of performing said action but do you ever stop and think that people would read it?

It’s somewhat psychological. You read someone performing an action, so you yourself perform an action. You write it down, someone will read you performing said action. Now, it won’t make most people want to get up and clean for instance, but it will make people think more critically on the actions they are about to perform and why.

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