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Summer Time

It’s finally Summertime! It’s time to go outside. Adventure awaits wherever you find yourself. People seem to be friendlier and the days are much longer. You yearn for summer every winter but stay inside your house when summer finally arrives. Why?

Summer is a beautiful time. The plants have blossomed, and the wildlife is all exploding. It smells of fresh cut grass and barbeques. But if you never go outside, you won’t experience these things. You’ll grow to despise Summer solely because of the heat. Like the chilly Falls, the cold Winters, and the rainy Springs. Remember how you felt during your childhood? This is how you should still feel! Put down your phone, get off the computer, and get off the couch. If you want to eat chips all day at least grill some hot dogs and burgers.

You don’t want to waste the Summertime. Go somewhere on the weekends. Take a vacation if you can. Just do something! Summer may be short, but it is when people make the most memories.

Summer the best season to swim. Take advantage of that. Find a pool, a lake, a river, or a stream. You can do a whole bunch of things on the water. You can boat, ski, tube, kayak, or paddleboard. A quick Google can point you too a body of water quickly. (Just try to avoid the Mississippi river!)

Remember not to waste your Summer. Or any season for that matter. Time is precious. Enjoy the aspects of every season. For now, it is Summer. So do the things in Summer so you won’t regret them afterwards. Go out and have fun!

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