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Taking a Break

When the going gets tough, don’t make it tougher. Take a break! Some time to figure out your problem could be the perfect remedy. There is no reason to blow a fuse over something that can wait.

Don’t get me wrong, Procrastination is a bad thing. Failing to start something can lead to said something never getting done. Instead of procrastinating, start your project and plan to take a break whenever you feel you need to. The mind works better when not focusing on a task at hand. Frustration can cause actions to be ill-advised. Take a break!

Breaks can reset your state of mind and your drive to continue a project. A clear head is essential for a finished product to be well crafted. The things you become frustrated at can be looked at from a different angle when you are not directly working at them. Take your time, re plan strategies, and don’t worry.

Worrying does nothing but make something more intimidating. When you take on a project, you can either worry, procrastinate, or take it head on. If you worry, you should procrastinate. If you procrastinate, take it head on. If you take it head on, take breaks. This is a simple cycle that you can work yourself into. Telling yourself you can take a break always makes a task seem possible and less challenging.

Work is work. It can grow tiresome very quickly. Setting a goal for yourself should be cut into sections. Do one thing, take a break. Get to another, take a break. You are working hard, you don’t need to freak out about doing something non stop until said thing is finished. It’s possible yes, but it won’t change the end result. A refreshed mind can work twice as hard as an exerted one.

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