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The Boring Excitement of Going Back To School

Fall is here. Well, at least for us university students it is. The work is all uphill hill from here while the temperature will steadily go down. The Excitement that comes with the rush and commotion of campus will always be followed with a certain feeling in your stomach for the uncertainty of how classes will be.

Some readers of this blog will say, “Been there, done that.” It happens with everyone who ever went to college. Most of the freshman I’ve noticed this week seem to be more excited than anything. I hope they do well. The old saying is to trust your gut, and my gut feeling is to never let your guard down when it comes to school. Freedom entails more than just living on your own and making your own decisions. It comes with responsibilities. Remember why you are at University. What your goals are.

The events at and around University are so much fun in the Fall. It is very easy to forget why you went to college. I say go to them. Rush a fraternity, join a club, or find a sport you like. Just remember your main priority. Your education. Make your classes. Do your homework and study.

You will have a lot of free time at University. Use it to improve yourself. Many facilities are dedicated to this. The gym is a good place to take your mind off of things. You can strengthen your body while your mind can rest. Go to the library, read a book. Gain a brighter outlook on the World and try to fit yourself into it. Society spans the globe and college helps to prepare you a little bit before you are just dropped into the thick of it.

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