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The Real Jennifer Nicole Lee

Describing herself as a child born on the East coast and raised in Tennessee, Jennifer Nicole Lee knows what it’s like to have nothing. Nothing is certainly relevant to each person’s circumstances and child hood memories are certainly distorted, however being raised in the Midwest myself, I recognize sincerity when friends state that they had “nothing” growing up. One’s first clue is an absent Father and a mother who worked three jobs to make ends meet. Jennifer candidly described her and her sisters raising themselves in a less than opulent environment.

This was a far cry from the beautiful Miami home where she warmly and openly invited my son, Andrew, our sister, Sumer, and I, to meet the Real Jennifer Nicole Lee. Greeted with a marble floor and walls lined with opulent mirrors and furnishings, I immediately felt at home and knew I was among a new friend. Noticing a gorgeous pool outside the back French doors we climbed the dual stair case to a studio created in a bedroom, we couldn’t wait to set and simply point the lens. The yellow walls glowed with hospitably as did she.

No stranger to the camera, the longtime fashion model immediately began to tell her story with a few leading questions from me. Having done my homework, I was fascinated to hear about the brand she has built into an empire of fitness, nutrition, coaching, beauty, and success. My take away was that some may consider building a brand around one’s self egotistical and vain. No way. When you start with humble beginnings and pick yourself up to achieve greatness, the confidence and communication skills you gain are marketable, in demand from others, and a real positive in a world that sometimes dwells on negativity, dirty laundry, and an endless spin cycle of dirt.

No stranger to a family’s actual dirty laundry, Jennifer proudly described early motherhood and the associated health and body changes as motivation to make some positive modifications in her personal life. With motherhood and marriage her number one priority, she started exercising and eating better. This led to several home-based businesses, s best-selling books, and talk show interviews with great stars such as Oprah Winfrey.

Oh yea, she proudly boasted that her sons, now teenagers survived the driven yet nurturing mother. They lived and will someday tell their side of the story! Jennifer couldn’t resist bragging about her oldest how is entering Carnegie Mellon University this fall majoring in math and science. As a long time, engineering enthusiast, I really appreciate the talent required to gain admission into Pennsylvania’s prestigious and established think tank of talent. Funny how God only loans us children. All we do is feed their bellies and nurture their spirit with His love through our hearts. He takes care of the rest.

Today Jennifer Nicole Lee manages a virtual subscription service that allows women to exercise with her daily in the comfort of their home. Raw, uncensored, uncut, and real, this program is absolutely fascinating. No big-time production studio, just clients and Jennifer making good use of time daily to build a regiment of fitness and nutrition. Subscribe on FB for less than $25 per month, cancel anytime, and find out if this business model beats the sometimes-useless gym membership or investments in soon to be mothballed exercise equipment. We fondly reminisced how this business has evolved from network TV host, Jack Lalanne to VHS tapes and DVDS from Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda to streamed live feeds from Jennifer Nicole Lee.

I was really engaged when she described how she tries to give back in everything she undergoes. We each shared our philosophy that spiritual and loving people understand that in the end “the only thing you can take with you is what you give away.”

Speaking of giving away, Jennifer sponsors many mini events, business luncheons, and full blown coaching retreats through a group of like-minded business women accurately named #queenswhoconquer. Plans are well underway for January 2020 JNLMVP world conference. During this informative and fun filled South Beach Miami Bentley Beach Club weekend, Women will personally meet and greet Jennifer along with her associates in the unique female only network of entrepreneurs and managers.

Sessions and speakers will cover topics from mind, body, spirit, personal, professional, & financial. Like minded family oriented women who are serious about motherhood and family will enjoy a weekend of fun and learning without the distraction of Miami night life and carousing. What a great get away. Spending January Martin Luther King weekend, 1/16/2020 thru 1/19/2020 in the Miami sunshine reflecting and learning success sounds like a fantastic way to get quiet, motivated, then noisy about success. Learn to focus on an optimized selling strategy and set goals concerning fitness nutrition and business. Come detox, cleanse, get empowered, connect & rediscover yourself at this all women’s wellness retreat!

At the end our hour together, I’m sold the The Real Jennifer Nicole Lee is indeed REAL. Andrew, Sumer, and I are proud to call her a new friend. Kelbob.... Out.

Kelly C Johnson, RCDD

|Executive Manager | Solution Provider |


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