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I like to imagine people’s aspirations as a pillowcase trying to be fitted onto a pillow by a blind man who can’t feel his hands. You know what you are trying to do, but you can’t seem to do it instantly. When and how you get to your goal is a total mystery. Sure you can always make assumptions based on the size of the task and the time it takes you to perform other tasks, but it is ultimately left up to time.

This is the struggle of man since we evolved enough sense to realize that eating is better than not eating. We Aspire. This is our blessing and our curse. We are constantly looking to better ourselves and our lives. It is how we have all of our modern technologies and all of our struggles.

Good things take time. You should take a look at Youtube statistics for this. Youtubers will start at 0 subscribers and post videos. If they post consistent videos with decent quality, they will gain a cult following. Youtube subscriptions to a channel seem to almost skyrocket over night after this cult following stage. A Youtuber with 50,000 subscribers could potentially have 500,000 subscribers next year depending on the current trends.

It is the same thing with college. A Master's degree or a Doctorate in a subject is more lucrative than a Bachelor's degree but it always takes more time and money. Situations like these often put people in a weird form of limbo in which they are putting so much in for seemingly little gain. It does pay off in the end in which these people end up making more money than people with no college or just a Bachelor’s. It is time and money for a cloudy view of payoff in the future.

Whatever you are doing in life, work harder towards it. It will eventually payoff. You just don’t know when and how it will. No one can see the future. You can only struggle until you are there.

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